Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We're going on a Road Trip...

A couple weeks ago, an opportunity was presented to us - to pack up our family of 5 and drive 14+ hours to stay on the beach in FL for a week.

Of course, I paused (thought it was a crazy idea), thought about it, prayed about it, talked some more about it... and we decided YES - we're going to be wild and crazy - and live life!  We're packing up and heading out!

Am I a little scared?  Yes, a little bit.  But, I am planning and preparing and being proactive - so I will be good.  We've flown with our children a few times, driven a few 10 hour trips and a handful of 2-4 hour rides, but 14-16 hours will be the record.

Since I'm planning, preparing and making many lists - of course, I will share!

THIS and THIS make me so excited!  The memories being created will far outweigh the kinks of traveling with children.

I'm excited!  :)


  1. YEA! You guys are going to have SO much fun!!! And.... there are NEVER any kinks when traveling with children (enter: eye rolling and sarcasm!) If it means anything to you, I've flown and driven 21 hours with my kids.... I still think that driving that far can be less stressful than flying with kids!!!

  2. Fun! We are big drivers...prefer it over flying. We do the 14 hour drive to Boston, and it truly isn't too bad. I have a girlfriend that also drives a lot and we borrow each others car 'toys' to keep things fresh for our kids. I would be happy to loan you some of our car entertainment if you would like. I'm sure any kinks will be quickly forgotten when your toes hit the sand! -Jen

  3. We did a 16 hr. Florida drive 3 years ago and it went great! I packed some cool drawing/coloring activities specifically for the car ride, plenty of snacks, and they watched Mary Poppins over and over again. I swear they did better for that drive than they do for our 3 hr. drives back to Ohio. HAVE FUN!!!


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