Monday, April 18, 2011

Setting the table, thrift shopping and gratefulness...

Setting the table is one of the girls' chores and it's one they actually enjoy.  They set out a plate, cup, cloth napkin and utensils for each person.  I love the way they fold the napkins each differently and how "love"ly the table looks when they're finished - and I love seeing Josh's face when he walks in from work - and notices the masterpiece created on the table.  We keep a pitcher of water on the table (to cut down on "more please!" runs) and light a candle.  Through setting the table, we establish a feeling of love and family connection.  I believe we are showing our children that Family Dinner is important to us - a time in our days when all 5 of us are sitting together, giving thanks, talking about our days, eating a healthy meal (most of the time), and - yes - continually reminding those little stinkers to SIT.  Seriously, we'll talk about that later...

My latest joy is finding fun, unique Ball jars, glasses and bowls at thrift stores.  I am trying to gradually replace our plastic with unique glasses and bowls.

Check out THIS adorable homemade placemat!  It's on my crafting to-do list.

Today I'm grateful for:
11.  the girls finding joy through setting the table.
12.  the joy Josh and I find in a table set by our children.
13.  opportunities to eat as a family.
14.  thrift shopping.

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