Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting to "calm" - Emotionally...

 {part 2 - emotionally}

I would say this is the #1 area in which I struggle focus most - the emotional energy and battles that come with Parenting - and little people blocking my goals of Home Managing.  I feel that I get calmer, stronger and more consistent each day (I've had over 7 years of trying to get there!) but it's still a commitment I make to myself each day - calm, Myah, calm.  I don't want to just appear calm on the outside, I want to feel calm on the inside.  I believe that a calm Mother has a beautiful impact on her children.  I have so little time.

So, here are a few things I tell myself each day:
  • My goal is Peace NOT Perfection - my house will not be perfect, my kids will not be perfect, I will not be perfect.  My hope is that my home is a blessing to my family and friends.  My hope is that I lead, teach and redirect my children when needed, and that's often.  My hope is that I'm a  woman who possesses spiritual beauty and peace, and that I am a blessing to others.
  • I am not afraid - I am a Mother.  There will messes.  There will be fits.  There will be fights.  There will be whining.  There will be hard work.  My hope is that I'm calmly consistent and my children will grow from our consistency.  My hope is that there will be a day when we release our children to the world and say, "Go!  Go make the world a more beautiful place."  My hope is that our consistency in parenting will impact them.
  • I will not stay in chaos - Of course, we all experience chaotic moments throughout our days, but my goal is to not stay there.  My hope is that I'm intentional with our time.  My hope is that I can go with the flow when needed.  My hope is that our home will be a place of peace when we need rest and peace.
God, you know my heart.  You made me.  You know how I'm wired and what I need.  I will continue to find my hope in You alone.  Please help me (and my friends) be in a place of calm and peace in our Mothering.  Amen. 

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