Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am a soccer Mom...

for the first time, and I'm not too thrilled.
Halle is the beautiful blonde on the far left side.
Don't get me wrong, the girls are darling, pretty darn good and mostly have a good time.

The details I'm not enjoying:
It's muddy.
It's windy.
It's cold.
It's enduring all of that for 2 hours (because both girls play). 
Oh yeah, and I have a 2 year old boy in the mud, wind and cold for 2 hours!  Believe it or not, he's been really good!  

But, isn't it sad that I'm thinking of ways to get out of soccer every Saturday morning (and counting down the days - only 4 games left)?!  :)  Hmmm... what do I HAVE to do this Saturday?  And my lovely Man juggled them all by himself last weekend when I could not be there (I really couldn't!).

So, I was complaining to Josh the other day about it, and he said, "Babe, you're a soccer Mom now!  Can you handle it?!"  I said, "No, I don't think so."  Maybe it will get easier each year, and I'll get tougher.

At this point I'm just thankful there aren't any weeknight practices (like my friends have had to endure).  I'm praying for warmer days, the fields to dry and the winds to calm.

The girls really are adorable when they play!  :)

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  1. All three of our kids play soccer, and I too had to laugh when they first started. Mini van, check. Mom hair cut, check. Soccer mom, check. HA! I will say that watching the kids soccer games has been one of our favorite things to do, especially when the weather is nice! :~)
    Fellow soccer mom -Jen


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