Friday, May 20, 2011

I want this...

oh my gosh!  I like this bike.

Oh my... I really am smiling ear to ear - dreaming about this bike.

I've read a few reviews - they are great.

We are a bike ride away from our schools, our church, the store, our bank, the library, our hair salon, the ice cream shop, parks.  You name it, we can get there on a bike.  Plus, these gas prices are really making me angry.

So, I know... this bike is a little pricey - so I may not end up with this one.  But, my bike got stolen in college, and I've never replaced it.  Everyone in our family has a bike, and I've been borrowing one.  So, I'm on a mission to find one for me.

My search criteria:  I must have a big ole comfy seat, my butt and back can't hurt when I'm done riding, and I need basket and a place to fit groceries.  I would love to find a really nice used one.

This beautiful bike has inspired me.

Please share - Do you have any bikes to recommend or sell?

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