Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple, summer fun ideas...

I'm busy scheduling some camps and other structured activities for the kids, but my heart's desire for this summer is to just be in the moment with my kids, enjoy this time with them, and let the wind blow us.  As you know, I need routine.  But, it will be flexible, simple and fun.

Let's create a list of some simple, summer fun ideas.
I'll start with a few, and then I'll create a large list from all of our ideas!

{list in progress}

gardening with the kids, fun in the sprinkler, popsicles, parks, staying up late - if we want, catching fireflies, spending all day in our swimsuits, family bike rides, bike rides to Zesto, making obstacle courses, hikes at Fox Island, Waynedale and Parkview Y splash pads, city pools, water balloons, rainy day matinee movies at the theatre, sidewalk chalk, lounging in the lake and drifting until someone drags us back to where we belong :), smores around the campfire, the zoo, headwaters park fountain (kids STILL love both of them even as preteens/teens), cooking on the grill, watermelon seed spitting contests, ladderball tournaments, early morning runs to Tom's Doughnuts, jumping on the trampoline until the sun sets, backyard campouts - tents and all, smores and hot dogs, reading outside on a big blanket, breakfast at the park, walks, campfires, catching lightning bugs, star gazing, long days at the lake, meals outside, some fun day trips such as the Dum Dum Factory in Bryan, OH, the Sechler's Pickle Factory in St. Joe, IN, the Black Pine Animal Park in Albion, Yoder's Sugar Bush Maple Tree farm in Fort Wayne (the kids got to gather sap from the trees), Letterboxing, going to the lake, water fights with the sprinkler, walking to get ice cream, laying in the grass and figuring out the shapes of the clouds in the blue sky...
    Now, you go!  Share a few (or more than a few) of your simple, summer fun ideas!


    1. Sidewalk chalk, smores, hula hoop contest, jumping rope, picnic lunches, looking at the stars, watching the sunset, looking for "pictures" in the clouds ...

    2. haha... just read your ideas on your blog. I think I listed on facebook two or three of the same ideas you had on here. We think alike!

    3. I love it, Erin! Yes, I'm sure we do think alike! love you! :)

    4. making homemade ice-cream, library reading programs/storytime, obstacle courses, squirtgun fun, lemonade stand, garage sale treasure hunt, horseback rides, catching toads/frogs, 4-H fair, family carwash in the driveway, kidsbowlfree.com available at many local bowling alleys, treats from the ice cream truck.-Abby

    5. Wow, I want to come and stay with you this summer!:)


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