Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Brief Disclaimer

I want to take a moment to share a brief disclaimer before I begin sharing our homeschooling moments through this blog.

This blog has always been a place where I write and capture MY family and OUR journey through life.  I am not trying to target a specific audience - I write as a hobby and for my family.  This blog is first and foremost dedicated to and written for my children.  If others find encouragement and "take aways" along the way, then great - that brings me joy!  :)

I write about different things through different seasons - our life is continually changing - and currently a huge part of our life is schooling, so I'm sure it will come up a lot. 

I plan to share our schooling stories, our joys, our struggles and even my convictions - mostly for my children to know why we went down this road for this year.  As I share, my heart is not saying or writing - OUR way is best - homeschooling is absolutely not the best way or even an option for some families.  It's just OUR way - for this year - and I want to capture it as authentically as I can.  :)

Does this make sense?!

It's been on my heart to throw this out there, so here you go - a little disclaimer!  :)

I love my friends soooo much and care about their hearts, and I care about the rest of my audience - whoever you are - around the country and even out of this county - most of you never leave comments - but I still care about you!  :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I hope it makes sense to you, and I hope you find joy and encouragement and you continue to check in on us!


  1. So you will see how this year goes to decide if you want to continue in future years?

  2. Correct, Andrea! 1 year at a time, 1 child at a time. :) Wherever we believe our children are getting the best possible education, that's where they'll go. If that's with me, in a public situation or a private situation... we'll decide as we go. :)

  3. OH, and 1 more thought for you...
    This is BIG to me:
    I have to be teaching with JOY at home or I won't teach them! :) It's not fair to anyone.


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