Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Curious George - Part 1

Maybe there will only be a Part 1 to this Curious George stuff - but at this point, I'm planning on several more Curious George entries.

So, here is Part 1 for you.

At the age of 2.5, Ian is quite the monkey.  He's always very curious and naughty getting himself into mischief.  Now, he does plenty of really cute stuff - but lately... he's wearing me out!

I announced Sophie's 7.5 birthday and Halle's 5.5 birthday, but I forgot about Ian's.  Oops!

On July 18, Ian turned 2.5!

Ok, here is what George has been up to this week.  He kicked off the week with a big whopper!

1.  While I was in the shower for only 5 minutes (a big mistake!  I thought I could trust him.), he got into our fish tank and caught 3 fish by hand, put them in the fish food container and brought the container to me - so proud of what he had done!  Now, can't you just see this on a Curious George episode?!

2.  He loves to squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tubes and into the sink or into cups of water and mix it up.  I'm certain this was on a Curious George episode.  The other day, he mixed up a concoction and announced, "This is my beer!"  Oh, I'm so proud!

3.  The other evening, he was outside and climbed onto the hood of my van and onto the roof.  Our neighbor got him off!

4.  This morning, he dropped his smoothie and it splattered all over the kitchen.

5.  After that, he threw a Lego creation that Halle had worked so hard on and it broke into pieces.

6.  And to top it all off, he yelled, "I hate you!" to Halle when she expressed disappointment in his actions.

7.  Have I mentioned yet that he yells - in the middle of my wonderful homeschool lessons - "I want a juuuiiiice!!!!!" ?  and has NO patience when I say, "Yes, just a minute."  This 2 year old has NO idea what "just a minute" means!

Ok, Ian... you are wearing me out - but you're not going to take me down (at least not this week!)

How do we, as mothers, remain calm in the midst of the 2 year old madness?  For me, it's reminding myself that we're making progress through the consequences and remaining consistent, day after day - even when we feel we're not making any progress - we are.  I do my best to find joy in the chaos - as hard as that is, in the moment.  I keep reminding myself that it goes fast, fast, fast.

I just read the story of little Curious George coming into this world.  I'm pretty sure it gave me a little extra strength to get through tomorrow with joy and reassurance!

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