Thursday, August 25, 2011

Curious George - Part 2

See, I already thought of more!

8.  I caught him standing on the hood of the mower - in the garage - getting into the cupboards (full of harmful stuff).

9.  He moves stools around in the garage and gets into Josh's workbench to get tools to "fix" stuff.  That's really cute, but I'm afraid he's going to grab something sharp and hurt himself.

So now, we have to childproof the garage a little better - I guess!

Hmmm... we never had to do that with the girls!  :)


  1. Ha! I rememer those days all too well. I only this summer starting letting Darcy out of my sight outside, and she's 4!! But, your time will come and you'll miss the curious stage. :~)

  2. And he needs to live with a helmet on his head! :)
    Love you,

  3. Ah yes. I remember when Eli discovered the fire place tools at my parents' house. The girls never saw those as toys, but Eli saw them and thought, "Hmm... those look fun! What can I do with those..."


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