Thursday, August 18, 2011

Compound Words - Gone Bad

Alrighty Guys, Josh told me I have to write about this... so here you go!  :)

Today, I was teaching a lesson on compound words.  I said, "A compound word is 2 little words that go together to make 1 big word - like butterfly.  Let's share some examples."

Halle said with excitement and confidence, "butthole!"

Should I just stop there?!

I want to, but can't.  My mouth just dropped open.  I looked at Sophie - then back at Halle - then we all just started cracking up laughing.

I said to Halle (after we got ourselves calmed down), "Halle you are correct, but that's a really yucky word.  Don't say that again."

As I was tucking Sophie into bed that night, we were talking about compound words.  Sophie said, "I still can't believe Halle said butthole!"  Then Sophie and I started laughing hysterically again!  I reminded Sophie, "Sophie, that's a really yucky word.  Don't repeat that!"  :)

Josh came in to see what we were laughing about.  We shared our story with him.  Josh's response (mouth dropped open), "She's exactly right.  What a great example.  You have to write about that!"


  1. Oh my!! Of course Halle said that. :)
    I wanted to share with you, I was in Grace's room last year when her teacher taught about compound words, and her "key" was that in order for it to be a compound word, each little word has to be "drawable". So basement isn't a compound word because you can't draw -ment. I thought it was good! So there it is, in case it's helpful. :)

  2. Leave it up to Hal to keep us laughing!!!
    Love you to the moon and back down, sweet grandchild of mine,
    Nena xoxoxo

  3. Oh no Janna! Don't tell Halle that! I'd hate to see what she draws in 'art' time!!! HAAAA! - Jen

  4. Too funny, Myah! Thinking of you and this great new adventure with the kids! You will do a fantastic job!!


  5. Soooooo funny! This is a fabulous story to remember!


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