Thursday, August 18, 2011

Year 1 - Week 1


So many thoughts and reflections are running through my mind that I definitely want to get written down before this weeks passes by.

It's 8:14 am, and I really need to get the dishes finished up and a load of laundry tossed in, so I won't write everything now - but I'll write more soon!

I've taken 3 pictures all week.  Without really thinking about it, I've really guarded our schedule and time this week.  I haven't interrupted our moments with the camera.  I have made few phone calls.  I've answered quick texts and emails, but that's about it.

This week, I taught my 2nd grader and Kindergartener at home and around the community!  :)  Oh, and a 2 year old stinker has been tagging along!

I am filled with peace and reassurance - I was called and I listened - for this school year.  We'll see what the future holds.

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