Saturday, August 27, 2011

How is school going?!

A friend asked me the other day:

"In a nutshell, how's it going?"

In a nutshell, it's going well!

There have been so many thoughts and moments running through my head.  I don't know how I'll get them down fast enough.  I'm sure I won't.

But, for now - here's a little bit.

::  It's challenging to homeschool with a 2 year old.
::  The girls are very obedient and always get their plans done for the day - by 3:30.
::  Losing social time out with the neighbors would kill them - the consequence.
::  I LOVE the research, lesson planning, teaching and the whole "school" part of it!
::  I know we'll never regret this school year.
::  Sophie asks everyday to go to school.
::  Halle repeats Sophie.
::  Ian doesn't know what's going to hit him on September 6th.
::  I am adjusting to this new role more and more each day.
::  Flexibility is essential.
::  A joyful attitude is essential.
::  I believe - 100 % - that homeschooling is a calling.
::  Week 1 felt really long.
::  Week 2 went really fast!
::  I'm very thankful for the weekends!
::  There are definitely moments of "What have I signed myself up for?"
::  When I lay my head on my pillow each night, I have happy thoughts about the day.

The past 2 weeks have been 2 of the greatest in my Mothering.

Josh keeps reminding, "Your sacrifice is making an impact!"  I know that, but there are still moments of weakness.

We are all growing stronger around here - in many ways!

2 weeks down - 34 to go!  But who's counting?!  :)

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