Monday, February 27, 2012

Sometimes 12 hours just isn't long enough...

Before I begin whining, let me begin by expressing pure gratitude for 3 children who sleep 12 hours straight through the night - rarely waking and needy during the night.  For that, I'm truly grateful!

Ok, now that I got that off my chest - it's time for me to whine a bit.

Sometimes 12 hours just isn't a long enough break.  Have you ever felt that way as a Mother?  I definitely go through seasons where a particular child is really wearing me down - seasons where I need about 72 hours away from that child.  Yeah, 72 hours may be long enough.  Just a time to really re-charge.

Currently, it's Ian - our 3 year old little boy.

Goodness, he's wearing me out.  He pesters the girls, makes them scream, hits them, screams at me, screams for candy, screams when he can't have more juice or milk, rejects the water that is offered, and on and on and on.

I don't like screaming.  It's one thing I just don't allow.  I absolutely love being a momma - but... unless you're an infant, puking, bleeding or your eyeball is falling out - you may not scream at me or others in order to manipulate us.  I am here to help - I love to help and teach my children - but if you need to scream, you can scream in your room.  I am not afraid of your fits, Ian.  They may wear me out, but they do not scare me.  I will persevere!

So - Ian is spending a lot of time in his room.  My only practical tool to get through this season - his lock is turned around on his door.  Let me make this clear - his room is the safest place for him to be when I'm breaking down.  I make it known that he may not be a part of the party if he chooses to act that way, and it gives me 5 minutes to breath and calm down.  I'm SO thankful for this tool.

I try to make excuses:  Maybe he has an ear infection?  Maybe he's cutting molars?

Well - we just had his well check.  I asked the doctor, "Are his ears clear?  Is he getting molars?"

His ears are clear!  No molars are coming until he's 6!

Everyone who cares for him says "he's perfect!"  Why do children do this to their mothers?!

I'm so thankful that we have many beautiful moments throughout the day.  He loves to learn, snuggle and sleeps awesome at night.

But good golly, kid.  Stop the screaming and we'll be good.

Whether it's a 3 year old screaming or something else you're dealing with - stay strong, stay strong, stay strong - when sometimes, 12 hours just isn't long enough.

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  1. No one is perfect on this earth, so I don't use that word. Bring him over anytime!!! :) Love you, Mom xoxoxo


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