Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Your Lesson is in the Challenge...

I arrived a little early tonight to pick up the kids from Awana.  I plopped myself down and started talking with one of my favorite ladies there.

She is a homeschooling Mother of 7 children!  I asked her how her week was going.  She sighed and said, "Tough."  She has a 1 year old that's making her life difficult at the moment - with everything else she's trying to juggle.  I listened, agreed and then shared some stories that are making my life challenging at the moment.

She said, "You know... each year brings a different challenge.  The way I look at it... my lesson is always in that challenge."

I said, "Yes... That's good.  I need to write that down."

I didn't want to forget how that hit me, so I hurried home to write it down (so it will remain in the blog archives!) and I also wanted to share it with each of you.

What is your mothering challenge today, this month, this year?

What can you learn?  How can you grow?

My lessons lately have been in patience and respect.

I believe we are growing stronger and wiser each day through mothering - if we allow ourselves to view it that way and be open to that.  Or - we can have negative attitudes and view our children as nuisances.  Trust me, I know mothering can be terribly annoying and trying some days.  But - I will not remain in that - day after day after day.

I vow to view mothering as a personal growth opportunity - the greatest job I'll ever have!

I believe my greatest lessons will be learned through the challenges.

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