Friday, February 1, 2013

Trusting the Lord with our mothering

This morning was tough trying to get the kids out the door for school.  I really, really dislike rushing the kids around in the morning.  No matter how much extra time I allow for us, it often feels like a "hurried child" morning.

On this particular morning - Sophie had to be to school 45 minutes early for Jump Club, Ian was cold and fussy and Halle's socks and shoes were itchy and uncomfortable {she has PE today}.  After trying on several different pairs of socks and her ride was waiting outside for her, I could feel myself getting frustrated - but quickly realized that my frustration would not fix the moment or my children.  So, I took a deep breath, asked the Lord to take over, waved to my friend and told her to go on.  Sometimes, I just can't fix it.

In moments like these, when it feels as if the wheels are falling off - I have found great peace and confidence in trusting God with my child training.  No matter how many books I've read or wisdom I've heard from friends, the only thing that I absolutely trust with my mothering and my children is God.  He made them, and He knows what they need in every moment.  I don't always know what they need.  Sometimes, I'm completely out of ideas.

In frustrating moments, my children will frequently hear me saying:

"Lord, help me."
"Speak, Lord."
"Lord, take over."
"Lord, we give you our lives."
"Lord, what does this child need?"

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”  James 1:5

God did not say wisdom might be given.  God said wisdom will be given generously - just by asking. 

I believe our parenting and the lives of our children will be transformed if we trust God with our child training and do not compare ourselves to other parents, books, other children or relying on our strength and wisdom.

I'm not perfect.  I'm not a super mom.  I do not have all the answers.

I'm clueless at times.  I do lack wisdom!

But there is great peace in knowing and trusting that if I just ASK - wisdom will be given to me GENEROUSLY.  It WILL be given to me.  

Isn't that awesome?!  :)

And guess what?  Halle arrived to school on time.  She eventually became OK with her socks and shoes.  I was able to give Halle lots of hugs and kisses before she started her school day.  I was able to eventually calm down Ian.   I remained patient and peaceful - ONLY because I was filled with the Spirit and trusted Him to guide me.


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